terça-feira, 6 de março de 2012

Entrevista com ARTEUNOK - Venezuela

I won’t make this release so personally, I’ll do it for our group. We are "Sur Oeste Unido" from Caracas-Venezuela, a crew (and family) of painters, writers, sculptors, designers, mc’s, break-dancers; as well as other activities not so associated to urban culture. We have about four years like “SOU Crew”, making urban art with sense and love.

2 - What do you want to create the Street of Styles Cwb s what this (style) will represent to you?

We’ll paint all together (or, we intend it), in the wall, with WildStyles, 3-D, realism of faces, and some other things not so describable.

3 - How important for you to participate in the Street of Styles Cwb WHAT your opinion and influence the event for Graffiti?

For us, is really important, because we’ve never leave from Venezuela to participate in some meeting of graffiti, so, this opportunity is an experience, not only for painting, also educational and personal for each one of us.

4 - You know Curitiba? What is the image that comes to mind when you mention this town and WHAT reminds you (style, place,person) when it comes to Graffiti Curitiba?

We’ve never heard about this town, but it’s so pleasant to know that this meeting will be there, because we’ve investigated at web, and we have found many pics of places, really awesome, beautiful, to visit and to paint. But then, of Brazil in general, we’ve heard about the styles graffiti: characters (like comics) with human and politic sense, so creative and originals. Personalities? : os gemeos, Does, Edmun.

5 - In Brazil we have great difficulties to support cultural and public bodies, as it is in your country?

Wow, we regret that the government of your country (full of talent and cultural movements) doesn’t support this. Too Bad. We can talk with Chavez, and himself talk with Dilma, jajaja. Actually, the government here, in Venezuela, has done EVERYTHING to support the culture, not only for our traditions and folklore, also has implemented NUMEROOOUUS public policies for the urban culture, young people, newest cultural expressions… well, we hope comment you all about this when we’ll be there jejeje.

6 - Events like this do you think contributes to society as a whole? Why?

every event for the manifestation of culture and art is a good thing by and for the society, because art is a weapon of communication, the youth is the moment, and Curitiba, for this time, is the stage and the scene.

7 - Leave a message for those who await you here.
All “panas” (irmaos), that waiting for us there, in Curitiba, we say them that we’ll go with best mind and soul, to meet all beautiful places, foods, people, streets, clime, shapes and colors of Curitiba…. with the best mind of invites yours to come our country too…

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